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How to update PS3 firmware to play 3D Video Games

Update PS3 Firmware

The PlayStation III is the best 3D gaming interface now a day in video game market around the world.  Xbox 360 Console also has 3-D compatibility, but people find less video game that support 3-d game play for Xbox 360 Console. On the other hand PS3 has tons of 3-D video games in the market.

To play 3-D games and watch 3-D Blu-ray disk (BD) with your PlayStation III, we have to up-date firmware.The 3D firmware updates for PlayStation III have been launched since 2010.

Steps To update ps3 firmware :-

i:- Start your PlayStation III and connect it to the internet.

ii:- Go to  “Settings” menu, choose System Update => update through internet

iii:- you will be asked to download the  update only if e your PS3’s system firmware is out dated

iv:- As  download completed, you’ll be asked  to install it and your  PlayStation III will be rebooted  but this time you will need to link your PlayStation III game controller to your gaming console with a USB cable.

V:- After reboot, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions.

You will have to reboot PlayStation III one last time.

One interesting thing recently discovered would be that Sony possess released a brand new mode 3D Video Games l PS3 TEST. It is the DECHJ00J/DECHJ00A. It is supported in SDK adaptation 2.17 and also later, and additionally features a 40 GB Difficult Disk Drive, and a couple of USB ports. Like its wholesale counterpart, it even lacks PS2 hardware, therefore it cannot play PS2 games.

If you found yourself Suck by way of a neutered variation and additionally regrettably the PS3 ProDG is unlike the past times PS2 adaptation, where you could just avoid the Permit Check and also Program Terminate, or perhaps utilize the defunct ZENiTH power generator.

Rather, ProDG for PS3 is comparable to the PSP variation utilizing a client license manager and also permit a text file snl2000.txt and also contrary to popular belief it not only helps PS3 Development TOOLS (ie DECR-1000) but additionally Debugging Stations (ie DECHA00A) whenever flashed with v1.8.0 or latest.

Update PS3 Firmware Via SD Card

Steps 2 Follow:

  1. First of all insert the SD card directly into the card reader of your computer and make absolute sure there will have to be no less than 168 MB of space free on it.
  2. Click “Get started on,” then mouse click “Computer.” Under “Devices with Detachable Space,” double-click the name of the SD card.
  3. Right-click in the SD greeting card window and select “Brand new Folder.” Kind “PS3” since the name for the folder. Double-click the brand new PS3 folder.
  4. Right-click upon the screen within the PS3 folder. Click “New Folder.” Name the directory “UPDATE.”
    Visit the PlayStation site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “PS3 System Update.” Mouse click “Install Now,” and additionally then scroll down and click “Download Now” again.
  5. Mouse click “Save” and select the “UPDATE” directory like the conserve destination. Name the file “PS3UPDAT.PUP.”
  6. Remove the SD greeting card and insert it directly into the SD greeting card reader with the PlayStation 3. Turn on the system.
  7. Scroll to the “Settings” selection at just the primary menu. Scroll down and additionally select “System Update.” Click “X,” and then choose “Update via Storage Media.” Click “X.”
  8. Highlight “OK” and also click “X.” Wait for the update to install to the system. Check which the update implemented effectively by going to “Settings,” “System Settings” and also “System Information.”
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