3D Video Games PS3 software updates 

How to update PS3 firmware to play 3D Video Games

Update PS3 Firmware The PlayStation III is the best 3D gaming interface now a day in video game market around the world. ¬†Xbox 360 Console also has 3-D compatibility, but people find less video game that support 3-d game play for Xbox 360 Console. On the other hand PS3 has tons of 3-D video games in the market. To play 3-D games and watch 3-D Blu-ray disk (BD) with your PlayStation III, we have to up-date firmware.The 3D firmware updates for PlayStation III have been launched since 2010. Steps To…

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PS3 software updates 

PS3 Software Update 4.30

PS3 software update 4.30 It’s been quite problematic for us to use trophies on both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita, because PS3 users couldn’t see PS Vita trophies. The upcoming software update variation 4.30 will fix all that.     That’s reactions; PS3 software update 4.30 assign all users to see trophies earned from their PS Vita’s. Now won’t have to illustration out where players got all of their platinum trophies. The PS3 system was a job changer, as it opened the threshold for new methods and new…

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