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Ludo game online – the ludo star is shining in 2017

Ludo Star, the most recent on-line sensation is famous now a days in Asian countries where people are bored and don’t know what to do with their lives. ludo comes from the Indian game pachisi, but more easier than that. The game and its variations are standard in several countries and being played under various names. Game is nice and addictive but the game engine is extremely biased. It tries to balance the sport that is unfair in the least for a game like ludo. ludo is game of random…

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PS4 Once Again Stands on Top as Best Seller Beating Xbox One in Sales!

PS4 came out as best Seller beating Xbox One in sales! The NPD group has released game sales information for September, and Sony’s PlayStation IV once again stands out of competition beating the Xbox in new gaming consoles United States of America. PS4 sales in September jumped considerably over August, due partly to the massive success of the Destiny PS4 bundle that featured a replica of Bungie’s new shooter and a slick-looking white system and matching DualShock IV controller for $400. The NPD group has free its monthly sales report…

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Cat-woman got New Aesthetic Looks in Final Fantasy XV…

New Catwoman in Final Fantasy XV Japanese creator named Tetsuya Nomura liable for making characters within the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, has disclosed a reimagining of picture villain Cat-woman. Nomura created the planning you see on top of for square Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai toy line. Just like Nomura’s batman interpretation before it, the Cat-woman style, though clearly supported the favored depictions of the character, takes things to the intense. It does not seem to be a completely useful get-up, however, as her mid-section is left fairly…

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How to update PS3 firmware to play 3D Video Games

Update PS3 Firmware The PlayStation III is the best 3D gaming interface now a day in video game market around the world.  Xbox 360 Console also has 3-D compatibility, but people find less video game that support 3-d game play for Xbox 360 Console. On the other hand PS3 has tons of 3-D video games in the market. To play 3-D games and watch 3-D Blu-ray disk (BD) with your PlayStation III, we have to up-date firmware.The 3D firmware updates for PlayStation III have been launched since 2010. Steps To…

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The Legend Of Korra – Book 4 – final Season !

The Legend of Korra The Legend of Korra ¡s an Amer¡can an¡mated telev¡s¡on ser¡es that prem¡ered on the N¡ckelodeon telev¡s¡on network ¡n 2012. ¡t was created by Bryan Kon¡etzko and M¡chael Dante D¡Mart¡no as a sequel to the¡r ser¡es Avatar: The Last A¡rbender. The Legend of Korra ¡s set to run for f¡fty-two ep¡sodes separated ¡nto four seasons “BOOKs”, each of wh¡ch tells a separate story each. The final season of The Legend Of Korra begins Friday Oct 3 with a new episode premiering online every Friday on the Nick…

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