Awesome Halloween Gaming Pumpkin Carvings

halloween pumpkin

Awesome Gaming Pumpkin Carvings

halloween pumpkin

Halloween Gaming Pumpkin

PS4 Once Again Stands on Top as Best Seller Beating Xbox One in Sales!

PS4 Gaming Console

PS4 came out as best Seller beating Xbox One in sales!

The NPD group has released game sales information for September, and Sony’s PlayStation IV once again stands out of competition beating the Xbox in new gaming consoles United States of America. PS4 sales in September jumped considerably over August, due partly to the massive success of the Destiny PS4 bundle that featured a replica of Bungie’s new shooter and a slick-looking white system and matching DualShock IV controller for $400.

The NPD group has free its monthly sales report for September, and therefore the top sellers weren’t a surprise i.e. Destiny came out as trade edition in software sales, in conjunction with PlayStation IV once more leading the method in hardware.

PS4 Gaming Console

Before the NPD sent out its report, Sony issued a press release expression PS4 was another time the top-selling console, which it has been the foremost in style platform for playing Destiny. There was some belief that Xbox One would possibly come out on top, because of the free game promotion Microsoft offered, however that did not prove to be the case.

Cat-woman got New Aesthetic Looks in Final Fantasy XV…


New Catwoman in Final Fantasy XV

Japanese creator named Tetsuya Nomura liable for making characters within the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, has disclosed a reimagining of picture villain Cat-woman. Nomura created the planning you see on top of for square Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai toy line.

Just like Nomura’s batman interpretation before it, the Cat-woman style, though clearly supported the favored depictions of the character, takes things to the intense. It does not seem to be a completely useful get-up, however, as her mid-section is left fairly exposed.


Choose the best in market, PS3 vs XBox 360 graphics

ps3 xbox graphics

PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics

The Most Confusing question in a console game player ready to buy a new gaming console in what to buy  either PS3 or Xbox 360 because both are most popular now a days and both have mostly same features .The big two  companies  for manufacturing 3d gaming consoles are  “Sony” and “Microsoft”. Sony’s PlayStation III and Microsoft Xbox 360 are widely used gaming  consoles available now a days. Both claim for the best 3d visual effects and sound effects that player feels like in virtual world as it in real.

Comparison between PS3 vs Xbox 360 graphics 


• PlayStation III is integrated with  Blu-ray technology, that s not commonly found in others available in the market.

• PlayStation III gaming console is also equipped with a Wi-Fi technology which enable player  to connect to the Internet and it makes player to be able to play online PlayStation 3 games along with alot of players on the web.

• Bluetooth wireless controllers available making player more flexible to play and have fun.

• In PS3 hard disk is upgradeable .

• PlayStation III  has also backward compatibility feature means player can play old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games too.

Xbox 360:- ps3 xbox graphics

• Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 offers  best gaming features too.

• Xbox 360 equipped  with wireless controllers and upgradeable hard drive

• Xbox has live headset that allow player to chat while playing Xbox 360 online.

• Its integrated  with Wi-Fi adapter and integrated with the Xbox Live Vision.

Recommendations for PS3 vs Xbox 360 graphics :-

Both gaming console system are closely matched except for the Blu-ray technology that PlayStation 3 has. If some one wants gaming console that offers best  graphics, then just go for PlayStation III. Blu-ray and HDMI technology will give the best 3D gaming experience ever.

How to update PS3 firmware to play 3D Video Games

3D Video Games

Update PS3 Firmware

The PlayStation III is the best 3D gaming interface now a day in video game market around the world.  Xbox 360 Console also has 3-D compatibility, but people find less video game that support 3-d game play for Xbox 360 Console. On the other hand PS3 has tons of 3-D video games in the market.

To play 3-D games and watch 3-D Blu-ray disk (BD) with your PlayStation III, we have to up-date firmware.The 3D firmware updates for PlayStation III have been launched since 2010.

Steps To update ps3 firmware :-

i:- Start your PlayStation III and connect it to the internet.

ii:- Go to  “Settings” menu, choose System Update => update through internet

iii:- you will be asked to download the  update only if e your PS3’s system firmware is out dated

iv:- As  download completed, you’ll be asked  to install it and your  PlayStation III will be rebooted  but this time you will need to link your PlayStation III game controller to your gaming console with a USB cable.

V:- After reboot, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions.

You will have to reboot PlayStation III one last time.

One interesting thing recently discovered would be that Sony possess released a brand new mode 3D Video Games l PS3 TEST. It is the DECHJ00J/DECHJ00A. It is supported in SDK adaptation 2.17 and also later, and additionally features a 40 GB Difficult Disk Drive, and a couple of USB ports. Like its wholesale counterpart, it even lacks PS2 hardware, therefore it cannot play PS2 games.

If you found yourself Suck by way of a neutered variation and additionally regrettably the PS3 ProDG is unlike the past times PS2 adaptation, where you could just avoid the Permit Check and also Program Terminate, or perhaps utilize the defunct ZENiTH power generator.

Rather, ProDG for PS3 is comparable to the PSP variation utilizing a client license manager and also permit a text file snl2000.txt and also contrary to popular belief it not only helps PS3 Development TOOLS (ie DECR-1000) but additionally Debugging Stations (ie DECHA00A) whenever flashed with v1.8.0 or latest.

Update PS3 Firmware Via SD Card

Steps 2 Follow:

  1. First of all insert the SD card directly into the card reader of your computer and make absolute sure there will have to be no less than 168 MB of space free on it.
  2. Click “Get started on,” then mouse click “Computer.” Under “Devices with Detachable Space,” double-click the name of the SD card.
  3. Right-click in the SD greeting card window and select “Brand new Folder.” Kind “PS3″ since the name for the folder. Double-click the brand new PS3 folder.
  4. Right-click upon the screen within the PS3 folder. Click “New Folder.” Name the directory “UPDATE.”
    Visit the PlayStation site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “PS3 System Update.” Mouse click “Install Now,” and additionally then scroll down and click “Download Now” again.
  5. Mouse click “Save” and select the “UPDATE” directory like the conserve destination. Name the file “PS3UPDAT.PUP.”
  6. Remove the SD greeting card and insert it directly into the SD greeting card reader with the PlayStation 3. Turn on the system.
  7. Scroll to the “Settings” selection at just the primary menu. Scroll down and additionally select “System Update.” Click “X,” and then choose “Update via Storage Media.” Click “X.”
  8. Highlight “OK” and also click “X.” Wait for the update to install to the system. Check which the update implemented effectively by going to “Settings,” “System Settings” and also “System Information.”

The Legend Of Korra – Book 4 – final Season !

book 4 final

The Legend of Korra

book 4 final

The Legend of Korra ¡s an Amer¡can an¡mated telev¡s¡on ser¡es that prem¡ered on the N¡ckelodeon telev¡s¡on network ¡n 2012.

¡t was created by Bryan Kon¡etzko and M¡chael Dante D¡Mart¡no as a sequel to the¡r ser¡es Avatar: The Last A¡rbender.

The Legend of Korra ¡s set to run for f¡fty-two ep¡sodes separated ¡nto four seasons “BOOKs”, each of wh¡ch tells a separate story each.

The final season of The Legend Of Korra begins Friday Oct 3 with a new episode premiering online every Friday on the Nick app.

Trailer :-

Ubisoft’s next-generation open-world game Watch Dogs has been delayed…


Ubisoft’s next-generation open-world game Watch Dogs has been delayed to spring 2014. The game was antecedently scheduled to launch in November for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation three, PlayStation four, PC, and Wii U.


“Our ambition from the beginning with Watch Dogs has been to deliver one thing that embodies what we have a tendency to wished to ascertain within the next-generation of diversion,”

Ubisoft identical in a remarkably statement “It is with this in mind that we’ve created the powerful call to delay the discharge till spring 2014.”

Sony antecedently declared a special Watch Dogs PS4 bundle for the uk. With the sport currently delayed into 2014.




Ubisoft conjointly delayed athletics game The Crew nowa days, pushing that title to someday within the company’s future financial year. This implies the earliest the game may well be released is April one, 2014.

PC version of Metal Gear Rising-Revengeance…

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance2

Metal Gear Rising PC version is pretty awesome, even their shadows too looks more realistic beautiful.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Raiden faces many cyborg troopers and bio-mechanical contraptions whereas sorting out the desperado elites, and despite a principally mundane choice of environments, the thrill of taking over sword-wielding, rocket-launching foot troopers holds your attention from the terribly begin. Enemies do not waste time throughout battle, and though Raiden is not any slouch, it’ll take appreciable observe to fully understand the potential of his numerous attacks. he is absolutely capable of bolting through a crowd while not taking a scratch, however he is certain to falter within the hands of a novice. however notwithstanding your initial talent level, Revengeance is an accessible action game that emphasizes diversion while not overshadowing the importance of depth and nuance.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance2

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for pc can run at sixty frames-per-second on computer, although no alternative PC-specific options are announced.

The PC version is due out “soon,” Konami said in June.

GTAV Social Club Issues, Rockstar Trying Hard To Get a Fix!


As soon as Grand Theft Auto V came out, to wide vital praise (including ours). However, not everything regarding the game’s launch is smooth; Rockstar’s Social Club is not connecting with because it ought to, however the company is working to resolve this arise  problem.


The Social Club is that  on-line hub for Rockstar company  wherever players and gamers  send messages and keep track of their game stats. However, some users have reportage issues with account linking on the service, at the side of stats not change and alternative connection problems.

The Most Challenging Epic Action Game – Infinity Blade III


Most Demanding Epic Action Game Infinity Blade III is the final game in the Infinity Blade trilogy.


Infinity Blade III Release Date : Sep 18, 2013 (US)